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Private Coaching

Take your creative idea and make it a reality.

Do you have an idea for an act you would like to get out of your mind and into the world?
Lindsay understands the importance of letting you hear your own creative voice and nurturing that voice until it is loud and clear in your work. Whether it is a variety act, magic routine, monologue, dance, lecture, or something not yet clear to you, through a coaching relationship, Lindsay will help you hone in on your vision and express it through the creative medium of your choice.


Email for rates and to book an appointment.


"Lindsay is a phenomenal coach to work with. She is as enthusiastic about the heart and soul of your work as she is grounded and practical in getting it out of the sky and onto its feet. Her insight into character development, in particular, has helped me tremendously in exploring the dynamics of playing with an audience and finding the undercurrent of character motivation that informs action and style. She’s got killer instincts, a great understanding of structure and timing, and years of experience that make her familiar with the whole arc of the creative process, from joy to tears to joy again. She wants you to have fun, to grow beyond your comfort zone, and to crush it, and it is a total gift to have her on your team."
-Liberty Larsen, Magician 

"It has been such a great experience working with Lindsay, she helped me clarify my goals and focus my ideas. She understands the big picture as a performing artist as well as the comedic/theatrical beats and continuity that makes a cohesive act. Under Lindsay's direction the act creation process was super fun and inspiring."
-Elena Brocade, Aerialist and Quick Change Artist

Hatch Labs

Workshop your idea with an audience.

Sometimes you need a place to try things out in a low stakes group environment so you get a read on what is translating. Group dynamics can be very useful in getting you to have a deadline to be presentation ready, without so much pressure to have it be perfect. The intention of these groups is both to have a deadline to make things happen as well as room to fail forward, creating a space for greater risks and rewards in front of an audience. Included in private coaching fee or $20 without coaching

Email for details.

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